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Visio Standard ist eine Plattform für die Diagrammerstellung mit einer umfangreichen Auswahl an integrierten Schablonen. Komplexe Informationen lassen sich mit einfachen, anschaulichen Diagrammen leicht verständlich darstellen. Visio Standard enthält Schablonen für Geschäftsdiagramme, Standard-Netzwerkdiagramme, Organigramme, Standardflussdiagramme und allgemeine Diagramme für verschiedene Zwecke.

Auf dieser Seite sind die aktuellen Versionen der Software aufgeführt, die über das Microsoft Donation Program bei Stifter-helfen erhältlich sind.

Änderung Installation von Office 2019

Bitte beachten Sie: Alle Office 2019-Suiten und Einzelanwendungen, einschließlich Visio und Project, können nicht mehr direkt über die VLSC heruntergeladen werden. Ab Office 2019 verwenden alle Office-Produkte, die über Volumenlizenzen erhältlich sind, die Click-to-Run-Technologie anstelle der herkömmlichen Windows Installer-Technologie. Um diese Produkte herunterzuladen und zu installieren, können IT-Administratoren ein spezielles Bereitstellungstool von Microsoft verwenden.

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Office 2019 Download and Installation Has Changed

Please note that all Office 2019 suites and individual applications, including Visio and Project, can no longer be downloaded directly through the VLSC. Beginning with Office 2019, all Office products available through volume licensing use Click-to-Run technology instead of the traditional Windows Installer technology. To download and install these products, IT administrators can use a special deployment tool from Microsoft.

If your organization has an IT administrator, you can provide them with Microsoft's instructions to download and install Office 2019 applications via the special deployment tool.

Visio Standard is software for creating diagrams. Users choose a template, drag shapes to the drawing, connect the shapes, and add text where needed.

for installing the software on a single device. See a summary of Volume Licensing Product Use Rights for specific licensing details

Which Versions of This Software Are Available?

You can choose to download the current version or the previous version of this software. You can find out which version is the current one on the Current Versions of Microsoft Products page.
In addition, you can download the software in any language that's available.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use Visio to create flowcharts, organization charts, office layouts, and more.

Major Capabilities

  • Templates: Visio includes templates for:
      • Charts (organization charts, flowcharts, and marketing charts)
      • Project schedules (calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts)
      • Maps (directional and geographic)
      • Cause-and-effect diagrams
      • Block diagrams
      • Basic network diagrams
      • Basic office layouts
    1. Themes and styles: You can add sets of colors, fonts, and effects to an entire diagram with a single mouse click. Each theme has several variants. In addition, you can also apply styles to individual shapes to make them stand out.
    2. Threaded conversations: A commenting pane allows reviewers’ comments to appear in threads.
    3. Cloud storage: The default location to save diagrams is the user's SkyDrive.

    Important Volume Licensing Information

    With Office suites and applications, you can choose between two types of volume license keys for product activation: a Key Management Service (KMS) license key or a Multiple Activation Key (MAK). Organizations will be provided with both types of keys on the Microsoft Volume Licensing website.

    Microsoft offers instructions on how to use a MAK or KMS key to activate volume editions of Office software.

    Obtaining This Product

    Installing this product requires you to download the software from the Volume Licensing Service Center and enter a license key. You can download any available version or language for your product.

    The license key allows you to install the product on as many computers as you have received licenses for. This quantity is specified in the email you receive from Stifter-helfen after requesting this product.

    Expect two emails:

      1. When your donation request has been approved, Stifter-helfen will send a message to your organization email address. This email will confirm the number of licenses you have requested and provide information about how to use the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) once Microsoft accepts your license agreement. Make sure the organization email that is registered with Stifter-helfen is up-to-date. Visit "Mein Konto" and verify the address in your active organization profile.
      2. Microsoft will send an email welcoming your organization to the VLSC. This email will indicate that Microsoft has accepted your license agreement. After you receive this email, you'll be able to follow the steps in the first email you received from Stifter-helfen to obtain your donation through the VLSC.

      Software Assurance

      Under the Software Assurance program, you have the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of your coverage.

      • See Office system requirements.
      • Microsoft installation technologies:
        • Office applications that are version 2019 or later must be installed using Microsoft Click-to-Run technology instead of the traditional Windows Installer (MSI) technology. Click-to-Run technology is the same technology that is used to install the Office applications that are included with Office 365 subscriptions.
        • You can't install multiple Office products on a computer if the products are the same version but use different installation technologies. In some cases, you also can't install two different versions of Click-to-Run applications on the same computer. For more information, see Microsoft Office support.